Aetas – Latin; definition: an age, stage, period of life, time, era.

Aetas, nominated for Overall Best App of 2015 in health and fitness by BMA, is devoted to increasing awareness of the significance of time and how time – our personal past, present and future - can be the source of happiness and well-being as well as cause us undue stress and anxiety. Through knowledge, interactive aspects and self-soothing techniques, Aetas provides easy and effective ways to attain and maintain focus and a sense of calm.

This Aetas website offers useful information regarding time perspectives and their importance in our daily lives. We generally take time for granted until we run out of it. But by being conscious of how we view and spend our time, we can achieve peace with the past, work towards a brighter future for ourselves, our loved ones and communities, and live in a more enjoyable present.

The Aetas app, available at the App Store (click here to view in iTunes)  is an innovative three-fold design: educational, interactive and self-soothing. 

1.      Educational – Learn about the major time perspectives (past negative, past positive, present hedonism, present fatalism, and future) and how our behavior and decisions may be based on our biased tendency to overuse one or two time perspectives when the ideal is to develop a balanced time perspective that is flexible to adjust to current situations and personal needs. 

2.      Interactive – Aetas has two interactive segments:

 ·         Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI) – take the 15 question ZTPI to discover your personal time perspectives.

·        Visual aids to help learn to regulate your breath, slow your heart rate and re-energize your brain.

3.      Self-soothing – three 2-minute guided meditations are provided to help you calm yourself, to move forward in life, and for when you want to focus on the task at hand.

 ·         Breathe - helps calm, center, and relax 

 ·         Letting Go  -helps let go of  negative experiences and gain confidence

  ·        Focus - helps relax, refresh and instills a sense of well-being


Cost - Aetas is subscription-free and may be purchased at the iTunes/App Store for the one-time cost of $4.99. Aetas makes a wonderful gift! Buy the Discover Aetas bundle - Aetas and Aetas 2 Minute Meditations - for $5.99.

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