Mellowing Stress Out of Mind and Body

Throughout our lives, each of us will experience varying levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  How we cope during these times can determine whether or not we move forward quickly with a positive attitude, or get stuck in fear and negativity.


One of my goals is to help people overcome the ever-increasing stress levels our rapidly changing world presents on a daily basis. Over the past few years, my time perspective therapy colleague, Rosemary Sword, and I have discussed and researched the efficacy of meditations – quieting and focusing the mind - as a way to help people undergoing stressful situations to gain a sense of balance. We discovered that meditations, including brief meditations – about 2 minutes – can work.


You may ask: Why 2 minutes? Why not 20 minutes or longer?  The answer is that many people are too busy to devote 20 minutes or more to helping themselves feel better. They may be in a stressful situation at work, or in the middle of parenting, or anxiously waiting to take a school exam. These are the people we want to help. So we gathered a team of mental health specialists and a design team to create Aetas 2 Minute Meditations. The meditations included in Aetas 2 Minute Meditations were suggested by clients as the most important areas they felt would benefit them as well as others.


In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, Aetas 2 Minute Meditations can help reduce stress and restore balance. We created it for you.



Phil Zimbardo