Aetas 2 Minute Meditations Coming Soon!

Aetas – 2 Minute Meditations was created at the suggestion of our beta testers and early Aetas users who found, after reading about time perspectives and taking the quiz to learn more about themselves, they listened to the brief meditations on a daily basis. A variety of background music and nature sounds are included to enhance your experience.


·         ACCEPTANCE – encourages open-mindedness of others and situations

·         BEAUTIFUL – get in touch with true inner beauty

·         BREATHE – helps calm, center, and relax

·         CONTROL – helps decrease controlling behavior

·         CREATIVITY – inspires your inner visionary

·         FEAR – helps diminish fears

·         FOCUS – helps relax, refresh, and motivate

·         LOVE – inspires unconditional love

·         NEGATIVITY – helps reduce negative thoughts and actions

·         PAST – helps let go of past negative experiences

·         SLEEP – helps calm, relax, and prepare for sleep

·         STRESS – helps reduce anxiety and stress

·         WORTHY – boosts self-esteem