Aetas has Arrived!

We are happy to announce that Aetas 1.1 is now available at the App Store. Click Here to view it in iTunes.

Note: If you already purchased a previous version of Aetas your device should have automatically updated; if it didn't, go to the App Store, Aetas for your free update . 

The Read section offers valuable information to better understand the importance of how perspectives of the past, present and future influence the choices we make. 

Take the Quiz to find out your personal time perspective(s) and how the way you view your past, present and future affects your life.

In Relax, take 2 minutes to listen to one of three guided meditations to let go of the past, relax your mind and body, and refocus. You control the volume as well as background sounds – birds, brook, or music.

The Play segment offers three interactive audio/visual activities:

Breathe - an exercise to help slow down heart- and breath-rate

Stress Relief - to help let go of negativity and focus on the positive

Light Dance  – gently reboot your brain after listening to the guided visualizations

Aetas is for everybody seeking a way to better understand themselves, reduce stress and live a more fulfilling life.

Don’t wait - get Aetas today!