Aetas is the brainchild of Rose Sword, Phil Zimbardo and Rick Sword (deceased.) Since the Swords’ development of time perspective therapy/training in 2009 - TPT is based on Zimbardo’s temporal theory - the Swords and Phil have discussed creating a new way to help people gain awareness of the importance of time. Their main goals: to reduce stress and to train people to be more cognizant of their personal time perspectives and how an individual views their past, present, and future affects decision making, and ultimately their lives.

“I am always looking for fun, innovative ways to educate people – especially students and those in the mental health field,” said Phil. “Aetas is the next step in the ever changing, ever advancing field of psychology. Aetas isfor everybody who wants to learn about themselves and live a more fulfilling life.”  

With Phil’s blessing, in spring 2014, the Swords began meeting in earnest with app and game designer, Sean Yannell, Rose’s son. “I was asked to help with Aetas because I am familiar with Phil’s seminal work in psychology – including his temporal theory and the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory. And I was present during the development of TPT. It’s an honor to be part of this exciting project.”  

“After researching numerous apps, we decided to include multiple segments in Aetas to appeal to a broad spectrum of people,” Rose said. "Age, geographical location, social and financial status - these are not significant because no matter who or where we are, we all want to live a more stress-free life." Aetas includes three 2 minute meditations for people who learn better via audio, and interactive relaxation activities for people who are more visual. The one-time, nominal cost of the Aetas app allows people on a budget to access a fast, easy way to help themselves during stressful times. 

Then, something unexpected occurred: Aetas users requested additional, brief meditations to help them in their everyday lives. These users provided Team Aetas with a list of topics they felt would be beneficial to them as well as others; the Aetas development/design team created the Aetas 2 Minute Meditations app, now available at the App Store.

Aetas and Aetas 2 Minute Meditations are for anybody who wants to discover more about themselves and their personal time perspectives, learn how to reduce their stress and focus on the task at hand. (See the A2MM page in Menu for more information about Aetas 2 Minute Meditations.)